Single Review: Tugboat Captain – Day To Day

Tugboat Captain’s single, Day To Day, is fun and upbeat whilst simultaneously blunt. This sharp indie-pop track explores the pursuit of dreams whilst struggling to stay financially afloat, heavily resonating with the artists and creatives amongst us, and certainly resonating with Generation Z. The track’s fatalistic lyricism and vocals contrast against the bubbling sounds of twangy guitars, twinkling keyboard notes and soft drum rhythms. The lines “each day’s a success if I can pay for my own smokes, I am resigned to never own my home, I’m not designed for hope”, particularly capture the abjection of today’s younger generations. It jabs a finger at generational inequality, with homes in 2020 costing approximately 14 times the price that baby boomers paid back in the seventies. The track’s lyrics don’t hold back, they say it as it is, touching not only on the severe lack of affordable housing, but also on food poverty and mental health struggles.

In their Facebook page bio, the band modestly describes themselves as “competent musicians”. I think it’s fair to say that this London-based quartet is worthy of a more commendable adjective. They’re incredibly talented. Their sound is awesome; their lyrics are real and relatable.

Day To Day will be released September 18th on digital download via Gold Sounds – pre-save on Spotify here.

Review by Rachel Makinson

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