Album Review: Merry Christmas – The Night The Night Fell

Merry Christmas, who amazingly describe themselves as a “ten-legged festive wonder tank”, create a unique and distinctive sound in their latest album The Night The Night Fell.

The band’s ten legs are evenly divided between Yuki (synth, vocals, percussion), Ben (guitar, vocals, viola, omnichord, music saw), Joe-Joe (bass, vocals), Barihi (trombone, glockenspiel, percussion, vocals), and Matt (drums, percussion, vocals). Merry Christmas is certainly an experimental five-piece to say the least, incorporating a wide blend of interesting and alternative sounds into their work.

The tracks from The Night The Night Fell all have an upbeat, seemingly fun and cheerful ambience, however their lyrics simultaneously explore substantial themes, including love, sickness, death, and uncertainty, as the tracks take the listener on the emotionally charged journey of a girl who has fallen into a coma. The journey steadily progresses over the album’s 12 songs, exploring feelings of despair and grief surrounding the tragedy, whilst also celebrating the girls’ life, her dreams and her story.

Recorded and mixed in Tokyo by Paul Anthony Medrano, and mastered by Grammy award-winning Alan Douches in New York, Merry Christmas’ The Night The Night Fell is an incredible album that stands out against all others, with its unique sounds and captivating storyline.

The Night The Night Fell will be released on August 1st on digital download, via Bandcamp.

Review by Rachel Makinson

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