Preview: 1234 Lockdown Action Online Gig – Communiqué 1 ft. Le Junk, Elizabete Balčus, Legpuppy + Oscar Mic

In amongst the overwhelming darkness of the Covid-19 pandemic there have been many cracks of light, one of which has been the number of collaborations that have sprung up in all manner of unexpected realsm.  We’re delighted to have been invited to get involved in 1234’s series of live streaming performances, the first of which takes place on Friday 1st May.

Featuring electronic pop maverick Le Junk, who regular readers may recognise from his time in both Big & The Fat and Eighteen Nightmares at The Lux, the ethereal sound collages of Latvian avant-dream electro-flute pop artist Elizabete Balčus, recent Joyzine interviewees Legpuppy and their curious multi-media electro-psych + live looped hip hop rock & roll from Oscar Mic, the show will be raising money for mental health charity Mind.

The show will be streamed live on the 1234 Facebook Page on Friday from 7pm, you can get a free digital ticket on Dice to secure your viewing spot + find out more and get regular updates about the show here.  See you down the virtual front.

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