The Joyzine Advent Calendar #8: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

Christmas number ones have, with a very limited number of exceptions, generally proven to be an awful concoction of mawkish seasonal sentimentality, novelty tosh and over-used sleighbells.  For window number eight of this year’s Joyzine Advent Calendar, we have one that we hope that you will agree raises this undeniably low bar to new heights.

xmas number one (Medium)

Ok, so perhpas we’re cheating just a smidge, but ‘Christmas Number One’, the new single from Luxembourg frontman David Shah’s The Melting Ice Caps, is a tune worthy of achieving its moniker.  A low-key beauty receiving its exclusive first release through The Joyzine Advent Calendar, the track gives an indication of the delights to be found within The Melting Ice Caps recent album Low Visibility, which is available via Bandcamp now.

Download ‘Christmas Number One’(right click to download)

All of the tracks on The Joyzine Advent Calendar are completely free to download without any need to sign up, and if that fills you with the spirit of giving, why not make a donation to our chosen charity Crisis to help with the excellent work they do supporting homeless people in Britain.

Check back every day until Christmas Eve for more free festive musical gifts or check the links below to catch up on what you may have missed so far.

Day One: Oh! Gunquit
Day Two: Vodun
Day Three: West Midlands

Day Four: Peter With Rosie, Hey You Guys!, Peter Richard Adams + Evilwitch
Day Five: Mask
Day Six: The Son Fathers
Day Seven: Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom + 22-Pistepirkko


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