Live In Pictures: Camden Rocks All-Dayer ft. Sinka, L Sicario, Jonny Weathers & Cosmic Scream, Namsakē, State Wild, Plain Sails, Catalina Skies, Candidates, Planet 3 + Arcadial at The Monarch

Camden Rocks brought another selection of top UK rock talent to the Monarch for their weekly show at The Monarch, this week headed up by hard-hitting alt-rock power trio SINKA.  They were joined on the bill by desert rock quartet L Sicario, psych rockers Jonny Weathers And Cosmic Scream and London five piece indie punk outfit Namsakē.  The line up was completed by urban rock crossover band State Wild, alt-rockers Plain Sails, energetic pop-rock from Catalina Skies, Milton Keynes indie quartet Candidates, Planet 3‘s blend of rock, folk and pop and alt-experimental Londoners Arcadial.  Rupert Hitchcox was there to capture the action on camera.

Photography by Rupert Hitchcox


L Sicario

Jonny Weathers & Cosmic Scream


State Wild

Plain Sails

Catalina Skies


Planet 3


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