Single Review: Muscle Vest – That’ll Do Pig / Pinch Me

London five piece Muscle Vest formed late 2018 via a “musicians wanted” ad and a mutual love of noise-rock. Earlier this summer, and on the hottest day of the year, Muscle Vest entered the notorious Bear Bites Horse studio in Hackney to record with the one and only Wayne Adams of the brilliant Big Lad. The band’s debut single ‘That’ll Do, Pig / Pinch Me’ is released on the 15th October and available to stream and download on their Bandcamp page. The band’s bassist Adam Kingsley also created the video for ‘That’ll do, Pig’.

The a-side (remember them kids?!!?) ‘That’ll do, Pig’ is a thundering bass and drums onslaught with caustic guitar and even more caustic vocals. Muscle Vest don’t stick to traditional song structure. Instead they just seem content in pummelling the listener into submission with some loud-quiet-loud bursts and spurts. A jarring breakdown in the middle of the track just adds to the overall feeling of discord and discombobulation.

B-side (remember them k…ah forget it) ‘Pinch Me’ is 1.14 of 100 mph hardcore with Dave R’s insistent, ferocious vocals and uncompromising delivery.

As with any hardcore punk/noise band it’s hard to catch what the lyrics are, or what the overall message of the tracks might be. And the track titles don’t give anything away either (!) However, none of this is necessary in Muscle Vest’s case. Whatever message they are getting across, they do it with a ferocity and brutality that is both refreshing and absolutely needed in these divided times. It blows the cobwebs away. Just brilliant stuff.

I can’t wait to hear more Muscle Vest!!

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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