Video of the Day: Cassels – The Perfect Ending

Cassels’ debut album Epithet was one of our picks of 2017, so we were delighted to hear news of its follow-up, The Perfect Ending, which is due for release on 6th September through Big Scary Monster Recordings.

To whet our appetites in anticipation of the LP, the band have released a video for the title track of the album, and it’s full of the dynamic shifts, thoughtful, cutting lyrics and intricate interplay between guitar, drums and vocals that were the hallmarks of their excellent debut.

“The title, ‘The Perfect Ending’, is my attempt to put a positive spin on the fact climate change is going to kill us all,” says guitarist and vocalist, Jim Beck. “I thought it would be interesting to try and write about environmental issues in a way that wasn’t didactic or preachy, and didn’t consist of me singing lines like ‘Mother Earth is dying, ooh yeah, we need to save the rainforests, man’ while mournfully strumming a lute.”

Cassels play Truck Festival in Oxfordshire on 26th July, with a full UK tour to be announced soon.

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