Track Premiere: Ham Legion – Georgie Porgie

Brixton via Brighton acid prog punks Ham Legion release their new single ‘Georgie Porgie’ this weekend, and we’re giving you an early chance to check it out ahead of the release date with a premiere on Joyzine.

A true mish-mash of styles and influences, the song thrashes through an undergrowth of grunge, 60s psychedelic pop, punk and avant-garde prog, never staying one place for long before breaking into a strong melodic hook and diving off again down a path of dissonance, odd time signatures and acrobatic melodies.

According to the band, ‘Georgie Porgie’ is “a story of a dream about dreams, about blurred lines and uncertainty. It seems that we follow the protagonist Georgie Porgie on a journey as he sprints across the land. The song’s uptempo rhythms skip between a happily chiming verse and a grinding, screaming chorus riff which drags us down a psychedelic rabbit hole and eventually spits us out into a peacefully, dreamy outro. We end up without conclusion and with more questions than answers.”

Check out the track below:

The band also recorded a live video session of the track at Brixton Hill Studios, which you can watch here:

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