Single Review: BAIT – DLP

A forceful new release from BAIT, the post-punk-electronic DIY musician and performer from Essex.  BAIT burst onto the scene with 2017’s debut ‘Push the Elephant’, full of bold beats, retro synths, witty lyrics and menacing delivery.  ‘DLP’ is just as bold and just as unsettling.  We’re all slaves to the bank balance, in these dark times of working hard for little reward, it’s hard to find the hope and it can make you rage.  BAIT feels the rage, you hear it through the chainsaw guitar, the moody electronic beats and the snarling vocals (reminiscent of fellow East Anglian native, Keith Flint).  The irony of BAIT’s lyrics are not lost, chanting “Please give us some money” lends a creepy hypnosis vibe whilst at the same time making me smile.  There’s a lot going on in BAIT’s music; humour, politics, fury, horror – all set to a punk Blade Runner-esque soundtrack of 80s synths, German electronic beats and loud, raw guitar. Expressive, interesting, frightening – well worth the investment.

‘DLP’ is released on 19th April through Cool Thing Records.

Review by Jo Overfield

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