Single Review: I, Doris – The Girl from Clapham

I, Doris are Doris (guitar & vox), Doris (keyboard & vox) and Doris on drums and they’re bloody, if you’ll excuse the pun, fadoriscious. They’re seriously committed to things we should all be deeply committed to like smashing the capitalist patriarchy, naps, and glitter.

Their latest single ‘The Girl from Clapham’ is out and an instant pop hit. There’s wit, a bit of a dad joke, a bit of a pun and gorgeous poetry to this charming, bittersweet twist on Squeeze’s ‘Up The Junction’ penned by the punk poet Janine Booth with humour and nostalgia. As a south Londoner myself, dangerously close to Morden and having spent my fair share of working life in Clapham, a tale of the not so common Clapham girl’s most romantic adventure with the boy from Morden drew me in instantly. It’s the kind of storytelling you dive full ears in as it takes you through all the many funny and eerie meanders. It’s a wonderfully twee recording, springing to mind the fairy sounds of The Bobby McGees with the same nuance and warmth, totally unpretentious and totally lovely.

What’s worth mentioning, too, beyond the pop charm and excellence of I, Doris, is that these brilliant women are donating all profits from the release to Women’s Aid. All hands and ears in!

Review by Anna Siemiaczko

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