New Podcast: The Joyzine Radio Show #14

The Joyzine Podcast Alliance

No guests on the show this week, so Paul Maps brings you an hour of our favourite new independent releases + tracks from bands featured on the Joyzine website this week.

I shouldn’t have Said That – The Lovely Eggs
How You Move On – Fightmilk
Hospital! – Art Brut
Dadcore – Mozes & the Firstborn
You Know I’m Weird – Short People
Fanny – Ty Segall
Judgement Train – Rustin Man (Official)
Punch Back – A Place To Bury Strangers
Answering Machine – Advance Base
The Policy – Glitoris
What’s The Rhythm – Mike Krol
Sanctimonious – Pandacar
Love Will Tear Us Apart – The Hot 8 Brass Band
Sass or Die – Queen Zee
Crazy Energy Night – Pom Poko unofficial
Keen for Kick Ons – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

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