Video of the Day: Rustin Man – Judgement Train

The last we heard of Rustin Man (aka Paul Webb of Talk Talk) was Out of Season, his achingly beautiful collaboration with Portishead vocalist Beth Gibbons back in 2002.  A follow-up album, so long-awaited that we’d given up hope of it ever materialising, is due for release through Domino Records on 1st February.

Recorded in a remote converted barn in rural Essex, Drift Code shows that Webb’s knack for creating a haunting atmosphere has stood the test of time.  Taking on vocal duties himself, and drawing on his experience as a character actor to create a range of roles throughout the LP, the two tracks released so far, gently smoldering lead single ‘Vanishing Heart’ and the dark, gothic rockabilly of new track ‘Judgement Train’ (described by Webb as “the Marx Brothers in a musical version of Apocalypse Now”), suggest an eclectic and enthralling listen is on the cards.

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