New Show: West Midlands Hospital Radio – Episode 1: Songs in A&E

The Joyzine Podcast Alliance

Live! From the Brian May Wing of St Vincent’s Hospital – it’s West Midlands Hospital Radio. 120 minutes of loosely themed, lovingly curated songs in A and E. Old songs, new songs, but, if we’re being honest, mostly 1992 songs. Request resistant rock and roll radio to make you feel a bit better…

This week’s show features all the biggest hits of hospital rock. On top of that there are approximately two good jokes and a fistful of jingles. Your host Andrew Wolfman (West Midlands the band, Wolfmania the Podcast) gets marginally less annoying as the show goes on.

Contact the show at or @andrewWM on Twitter (or @andrew_wolfpack on Instagram). Next episode is a pharmaceutical special (there must be some songs about drugs, right?) so get your requests and drugs in now!

Waiting Room (Version) – Fugazi
Pills – New York Dolls
Girl You Have No Faith…

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