Podcast: The To & From Show – Episode 7

The Joyzine Podcast Alliance

Check out the latest podcast from music photographer Chris Patmore, featuring a random selection indie music from UK and US bands that have played London over the last six years, plus the gig guide for the rest of January.


Turn Up Your Radio – The Masters Apprentices
I’ll Cut You – Vuvuvultures
Hero – Bones
Heroes – King Crimson
Mrs #1 – Yes Sir Boss
Living In The – The Vex
Go Supersonic – Pepe Deluxe
Waves (Golden) – Leopold and His Fiction
Scared – Delta Rae
Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold – The Lone Bellow
Runaway Devil – House Above the Sun
The Devil Got Me Dancing – Lux Lisbon
Low – Bonfire Nights
Low – Moses
Low – Broken Witt Rebels
Baby Get It On – Bad Touch
F.I.A. – The Wild Things
Your Kisses Burn Like Fire – The PictureBooks
Obey The Whips –

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