New Podcast: The To & From Show #6

The Joyzine Podcast Alliance

Music photographer Chris Patmore presents the (un)usual blend of new and old curios from Australia, and the best of the UK indie and underground scene, along with a gig guide for the coming fortnight to get your new year under way in style.


High Anxiety – Surfbort
Greasy Hotel – King Nun
Toffee Hammer – Mummy
Medicate for Success – Beach Riot
Out Align – Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind
Slave – Manuka Hive
Caught on a Leash – The Screaming Believers
They Don’t Build Cars Like This Anymore – Bec Stevens
Hindsight – Wing Defence
God Willing – Mansur Brown
Scared for the Children – Jeff Beck
I’m Afraid of Americans – Bones
Night of Broken Glass – Crystal Head
In Your Room – White Hills
Somos Lobos – Baba Naga
Yellow Star – Field of Wolves
Speak in Tongues – Heirloom
Lady Wank – Pussyliquor

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