Live Review: Mono + Alcest at Brixton Electric

Having recently released 2 fantastic albums, I was really looking forward to seeing Alcest and Mono play together, and they didn’t dissapoint.

Alcest walk on first and it’s clear most of the audience are here to see them. They are evidently confident to let the music talk as there are no fancy light shows or even a back drop. Their newer stuff is far more mellow and relaxed, and this translates well here as the melodies and composition lull before, true to their black metal roots, some raw primal vocals accompany explosions of sound dotted around their set. This brings to mind the blackgaze band Deafheaven and their emotional power, something which Alcest also capture perfectly here.

Mono are on next and provide the audience with the other side of the post rock coin with a louder and much more aggresive set. They kick off with album opener ‘Ashes in the snow’ and keep up the pace for the majority of their set. At their loudest they are a true delight, as sound fills the entire venue and rumbles around, it almost feels like you’re witness to the end of the world. They do provide some quieter moments in the form of songs like ‘Ely’s Heartbeat’, which shows they can do intricate layering just as well live as on record.

In summary a fantastic gig from 2 great bands, and I left feeling very happy about what I had just seen.

Review by Wayne Chuter /

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