Criminally Underrated Geek-Inspired Bands Part 1: Urusei Yatsura

The band that inspired us to start our first zine get some well deserved love.


New feature alert! Introducing….


No it isn’t a Pokémon – although I’ll admit it sounds like it could be one one. It isn’t some Q*bert knock off homage either. It actually stands for:  Criminally Underrated Geek-Inspired Bands which is going to be one of our new occasional features here on AddAltMode. Don’t knock the acronym, I could have gone with Criminally Underrated Nerd Tunesmiths you know. Ahem.

There are loads of geek bands out there, from NEStalgic chiptunes acts through to full-blown Star Wars metal. As Geek Culture has gradually become more mainstream some of these bands have enjoyed a great deal of success, and that’s a good thing. But what about those bands who never really made it, not because they weren’t great but because they just weren’t quite in the right place at the right time? The force just wasn’t quite strong enough, and the loss…

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